Print vs. Digital

Three reasons why I use print over digital:
1. I hate staring at a screen. I’ve had several essay deadlines recently and have consequently been staring at a screen up to 6 hours a day. Reading from a screen takes the fun out of reading and I’m sure it’s contributed to giving me headaches and tiredness.
2. I get so easily distracted by things I don’t want to be distracted by. The urge to quickly check facebook becomes overwhelming when reading a dense reading online or writing a long essay. Once on facebook, it’s difficult for me to avoid getting distracted by friends or articles and before I know it, 30 minutes passes before I go back to working. With printed books, procrastination tends to just consist of making cups of tea, chatting to friends or stretching my legs outside; all things that are likely to make me come back and feel slightly fresher.
3. Reading a book makes me absorb more information. I tend to read readings online as fast as possible to get it out of the way, whereas I enjoy holding a book in my hands and am far more likely to re-read something that I didn’t fully understand.


Three reasons why I use digital over print:
1. It doesn’t weigh anything. I have enough things to carry around campus and carrying books is such a faff.

Sometimes it feels like I'm cycling with all my possessions.

Sometimes it feels like I’m cycling to uni with all my possessions.

2. I can’t leave it anywhere. I always have access to digital readings because there is wifi all around campus and at home.
3. It saves a lot of time. I can ask people for readings and they can just copy and paste a link, I don’t have to spend time looking for books in the library and I can search for keywords instantly, meaning I can skim read entire books and know that I’ve covered most of the relevant information.

My tutor recently emailed me useful resources.

My tutor recently emailed me useful resources.

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    This is the first time I read something from your blog and I am nicely impressed, because it is like you are reading my mind.
    To be a blogger is just amazing thing and I love it! Thanks for the insights and the nice words!
    One question: Which free blogging platform you consider better for new bloggers who has zero experience after WP – HubPages or Blogr?

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