Summer Internship at Google

I’ve learnt that I’ve secured a summer internship at Google in May, so I’ve been excited about it for the whole month before I started working there. Unfortunately the month that followed was also the assessment period and I guess due to my excitement, revision wasn’t as expected, and I finished with a 2:1. Nevertheless, 2:1 isn’t bad, and I had to move to Dublin (Where Google’s European HQ is) and got to work for the best company to work for.

Productivity NinjaI wasn’t exactly interested in reading/preparing for Year 3 during my internship, but also didn’t have much time to do it. There was one book I took to Dublin: How to be a productivity ninja by Graham Allcott. I was interviewing for a position at Think Productive (the founder and CEO of which is Graham Allcott) and when I told them that I’m accepting the offer from Google, the lady I was in contact with sent me Graham’s book with a good luck card (unexpected, but incredibly nice). The book appears to be quite long, but it’s very easy to read and offers useful insights on project organization and execution, attention management, and of course, how to be (more) productive.

The internship itself was an extraordinary experience and I’m happy I was given this opportunity. I feel like I got a better idea of what I want to do after I graduate and which career I want to pursue. I believe I became better organised in the past 3 months, probably because of all the apps Google offers (Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Docs, Sheets etc.). This will also help me with my studies, but in terms of research, I think I will continue using the sources I was using for the past two years (like Study Direct and Library Search) – simply because I’m familiar with them and know how they work.

Google Offices Reception

All in all, I’m looking forward to my last year, as my modules are more specific and I get to work on areas that really interest me.


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