A message from SEG’s Director, Benjamin K. Sovacool

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Dear fellow energy sustainability enthusiasts,

Welcome to our autumn newsletter. Since I last wrote, we’ve seen the world transformed and we find ourselves at what could be an unexpected turning point on the journey to net-zero.

In SEG, our purpose has always been to understand and accelerate transitions towards sustainable, low carbon energy systems, but our work has taken on a new imperative now societies are considering how to align their recovery from Covid-19 with the demands placed on us all by the climate emergency.

In our response to the UK Government’s Post-Pandemic Economic Growth Enquiry we made it clear that our recovery must focus on building a clean, low carbon economy that’s fair and just. As researchers, it’s our job to provide policymakers with the evidence they need to deliver this and I’m proud to say that we are doing just this.

As ever, we’re working intently to make a difference. We’re researching the climate implications of working from home, working with local government to develop innovative financing models for retrofitting community buildings and exploring the viability of new economic activities in the Arctic region to deliver a just transition for the millions of people they affect – to name just a few of our activities.

Our research portfolio has grown even further recently with the launch of two new projects. LANDMARC will answer important questions about the potential for agriculture, forestry, and other land use sectors to enhance the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere. EMPOCI will investigate the governance of sustainable energy-mobility transitions and identify practical ways to accelerate them, supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

With the start of the new academic year, our Energy and Climate Seminar Series is once again creating a space for colleagues from academia, government and practice to tackle issues around climate change, energy policy and sustainability – and it’s now easier for you to take part in its new online format! I hope you will join us.

Benjamin K. Sovacool

Director, Sussex Energy Group

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