2015/16 Student-Led Teaching Awards


The University has several awards for staff which we offer annually.

We get a huge kick out of hearing about the fantastic work that our staff do, and enjoy being able to show students’ and staff appreciation of their efforts.

This post outlines one of these awards and gives some highlights from the Student-Led Teaching Awards in recent years.


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Resources for Examinations and Assessments

This post highlights some of the resources available relating to examinations and assessment.

The ADQE Academic Standards webpages provide the complete set of resources for 2016/17.

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2015/16 Validations

Every year the University validates a number of new courses. For those that are unclear on what ‘validates’ means, in this context it is where the University scrutinizes a proposed new course and decides whether or not to approve it.
Unsurprisingly validations take place at validation events and these are organised by ADQE. The events are attended by a panel and the course team. The event usually lasts four hours.

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2016 Partner Network Day

What is the Partner Network Day I hear you cry?

The Partner Network Day is an annual event organised by ADQE (Partnership) and attended by staff at partner institutions, Partnership Tutors and senior members of the University. The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for networking and reflection.

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Welcome to the ADQE blog

Welcome to the ADQE blog!

This is a new initiative, showing some of the ongoing work in the team and to highlight the best bits.

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Merry Christmas from ADQE

The Christmas season is upon us once more!

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This blog is in development!

This blog is in development and will be launched later this year.

In the meantime, you can see more blogs at Sussex Blogs.

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