Working in finance – my placement year experience

Sam Jons, BSc Accounting & Finance (with a professional placement year)

Sam Jons – Final year, BSc Accounting & Finance (with a professional placement year)

A placement year gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience in topics you learn on your course, with exposure to real-life business challenges, and an understanding of the different tasks people working in your chosen career path do on a day-to-day basis.

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British Council Global Alumni Award winner Réjane Woodroffe meets our students

Alumni award winner and Business School alumna Réjane Woodroffe (MSc Development Economics 2005) returns to campus to meet students.

Réjane’s former tutor Julie Litchfield tells us more about her achievements after graduating Sussex.

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An insight into the festival of Diwali

My name is Jimeet Romen Shah, I am currently in my second year studying Business and Management Studies (with a professional placement).

Diwali, short for Deepavali, is one of the most popular celebrations in India. It is a closely followed and celebrated holiday for South Asians. It is the festival which represents the return of the Lord Rama to his home state of Ayodhya after fighting the demon Raavana, which essentially celebrates the victory of good over evil.

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18th Century accounting provides students with historical insight

(L-R) Hardika Shah, Marina Minsenti, Ahmed Muazu, Xinxin Wu, Eleni Argyropoulou, Arsala Rasmir

Makailla McConnell, Teaching Fellow in Accounting introduces Business School masters students to financial archives at The Keep.

Students from the new MSc Accounting and Finance and existing MSc International Accounting and Corporate Governance courses recently attended a learning session at The Keep, a world-class archive centre, housing the internationally significant University of Sussex Special Collections, the East Sussex Record Office, and the Brighton and Hove Royal Pavilion & Museums Local History Collections.

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Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur, Blog 11: TIME to say goodbye.

By William Hagon, BEng Mechanical Engineering

Four weeks in Malaysia have passed, taking with them any doubts over the best way to spend a month of the summer.  Our final Thursday marked our last afternoon at TIME and meeting with Sussex alumnus and TIME CEO Afzal. We spent a few hours discussing our time with the company and in the country, complemented by the occasional interjection of Afzal anecdotes which never fail to entertain. Everyone on the programme contributed to the feedback whilst Mizi and Afzal considered what could be done to develop the experiences we shared. Being only the second iteration of the internship, flexibility and refinement ensure that every year is more impactful than the last.

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Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur, Blog 10: Snake temples and nasi kandar in Penang

By Nicholas Teoh, BSc International Business

On the last day of our penultimate week at TIME, we met with the customer service team and had a briefing on our assignments for our final week. In the afternoon, we held a video testimonial with Mizi, our TIME sponsor, about our experiences at the company and in Malaysia as a whole

Being from Malaysia, I felt the responsibility to show my new friends around and take them to the good spots where locals hang out. The next morning we left for Penang, the northwestern coastal state that is known as the food capital of Malaysia.

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Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur, Blog 9 – Trading fish on Facebook

By Kwan Ho Lee, BSc International Business

Facebook Malaysia motivate their staff

Facebook Malaysia know how to look after their staff. From the pantry to the office area, every single detail of Facebook Malaysia headquarters amazed us all. It’s not only the free beverages (which we enjoyed), but also the freedom and resources they have given to their employees. Besides the spacious desk area, there are facilities like a quiet room (for meditation, and phones are banned), a massage chair, and a games room for staff to relax from a busy workload.  These things are a very good way to motivate Facebook employees to work effectively, providing them with an environment to help maintain their work-life balance, which in turn helps maximize their efficiency.

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Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur, Blog 8 – Exploring sustainable innovation in Singapore

By Diana Liedloff, BSc Marketing and Management

Half of the group spent the weekend visiting Singapore, which has an entirely different atmosphere compared to Kuala Lumpur (KL). They place a lot of emphasis on cleanliness, as there are restrictions on chewing gum, throwing litter on the street and even on carrying durian (a strong smelling local fruit) on public transport, resulting in a nearly litter-free city. As for the city’s architecture, it has many futuristic skyscrapers with eccentric design features. Just like KL, Singapore has a mall at nearly every turn and some of them are connected via viaducts and underground tunnels. Singapore’s GDP per capita is higher than its neighbouring countries, and this was never more evident when we saw all the luxurious shops and the extensive and very well maintained public transport system.

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Student internship at TIME. Kuala Lumpur, Blog 7 – Selling broadband and fishy dinners

By Jed Sexton, BSc Economics

Going into our third week at our group felt at home in Kuala Lumpur, with as we fully immersed ourselves into the local culture. The week got off to the perfect start with hosting their annual ‘Open House’ which turns out was ideal opportunity to consume vast quantities of delicious Malay cuisine, something I personally took full advantage of.

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Student Internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur – Blog 6: Marketing and the mid-way mark

By Gemma Hayton, BSc Business and Management Studies

We are now nearly two weeks into our internship and it has flown by!

For the last two days of our second week, we were with the marketing department. We met at Dentsu One, TIME dotCom’s marketing agency, and heard talks covering all aspects of TIME’s marketing. Mun, from the communications team, told us what she does on a daily basis. She also explained how interdependent her role is with the other departments in the business; particularly, the marketing, corporate, IT and customer service departments. Her job is to ensure that all communications from TIME dotCom are consistent with the business brand image.

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