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Can Culture Beat the Coronavirus?

By Rotem Perach How can we beat the coronavirus? It seems that culture is already developing its own prescriptions, specifically, against the psychological effects of the coronavirus outbreak. In recent fashion week catwalks in New York and Paris, designers re-imagined face masks as

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Are your clients being defensive? If so, self-affirmation may help.

by Prof Pete Harris and Ian Hadden, from the Self-Affirmation Research Group. Have you ever been reluctant to face up to something you’d rather ignore? Maybe your fondness for something bad for you that you eat too often or your

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New term, new you

By Susie Ballentyne Over half of us make a new year’s resolution to change something about our behaviour, yet very few of us stick to our intentions. So why, with all the right sign-posting to a new decade, the fresh

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We love veggies!

It is increasingly recognised that meat-based diets have a substantial environmental impact: from deforestation for grazing land, to methane produced by livestock, to increased water requirements. All of this adds up to a very significant carbon footprint, with UN-backed Intergovernmental Panel

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Ten things I learned from being editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology

By Prof John Drury On 31st December 2019) I stepped down from being editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology (BJSP), a post I occupied for three years, shared with Hanna Zagefka (Royal Holloway University of London). The occasion

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Psychology Student Mentors

By Alexandra Schmidt Who are the Psychology Student mentors? Student mentors are both undergraduate and postgraduate students, who have been trained to provide information and support to other students in the School of Psychology.  We can offer information and support

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By Charlotte Rae As part of the University’s Green commitment, the Psychology Green team led by Dr Charlotte Rae is working on an action plan to tackle sustainability within the School of Psychology. In the meantime, we have started this

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Tackling hate – from parliament to campus

By Carina Hoerst Two weeks ago was National Hate Crime Awareness Week. What started in 1999 as a reaction to attacks on the Black and LGBT community has become a big event and takes place every year since. Today, it

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Professor Rupert Brown’s Retirement

This coming Thursday we are celebrating the career of Professor Rupert Brown with a special colloquium. Rupert joined the recently unified department of Psychology at Sussex in 2004 and has since been an essential figure for the School both in terms of

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My thoughts after my first month as an intern at the School of Psychology

By Chloe Ilsley So I’ve completed my first month of being an intern for the School of Psychology and wow, it’s gone by so quickly but first, let me explain… The university has a scheme called ‘FGS Summer internships’ which

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