Goodbye from Isabelle, Lucy and Lenart

Our time at Sussex seems to have flown past and it is time to take the next steps in our lives. University has been an extremely fulfilling experience and being part of the SAGE scholarship program has played an important role in this. Not only do we hope to have been able to provide a pool of knowledge about study habits, we have learnt a lot from the process ourselves as well. Having the opportunity to write blogs, conduct focus groups, present to large groups, and attend conferences are all skills that we are bound to use in our careers. This scholarship has certainly given us a good head start! Being in a position where you regularly reflect upon your study habits is likely to have also helped us with our degrees. It gave us the opportunity to review the way in which we conducted our research, allowing us to then build on this.

Now that our classifications are out, we are all branching out into different areas. All the hard work paid off and our final degree results will support us in whatever we choose to do next. I am not yet certain as to what career path I would like to take, but I hope to gain some further experience in a few areas to discover what I would most enjoy doing. I also am planning on traveling with a friend around the U.S. in the Autumn.

Lucy will be pursuing a career in Youth work and is currently working in 15-17 year olds on a local summer programme with The National Citizens Service. She is applying for Masters courses in Youth and Community work to develop further.

Lenart has already moved to Dublin, the home of all tech giants, where he found a job in the tech industry. He says that for now the job is his first priority, but he is looking to continue his studies in the next year or two.

We would like to thank all those who have been involved, supporting us throughout the process, and to all the readers of our blogs. We are always happy to answer any questions that you still have and look forward to seeing how the blog develops as the next pool of students join in September.


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