The Fresher Feeling

Having completed a foundation year in Social Sciences, freshers was nothing new to me. However the anticipation of meeting new flat mates for the first time never goes away, along with hopes that they’re both clean and not boring; it’s the fresher feeling. I know I can’t have it all, but one can always dream! My 2nd attempt at freshers was already different to the first, as instead of coming to uni on moving in day, I was starting freshers 5 days in, which I didn’t mind really being as I had been on holiday in Greece for the past week. However this meant I was going to have to infiltrate those initial groups of friends made during the early days of freshers, which to be perfectly honest I didn’t really have a problem with. Although the infiltration would have to wait until Thursday morning as one of my good friends from my foundation year, and now next-door neighbour Marce, had already planned my first night out; like every student on a Wednesday night out in Brighton we were off to the infamous Pryzm, for the only day of the week they have both cheap entry and drinks.

So as I stepped off the plane there was no time to waste, it was goodbye family and hello University. I was straight onto the train from Gatwick to Brighton where I picked up my belongings from my now 2nd year friend’s flat and got a taxi to my new Park village accommodation. On arrival to my flat I was met by two flat mates, both of which were very nice, but I didn’t even get a chance to get to know them at that point because as soon as my things were in my room, I was changed out of my plane clothes and next door at pre-drinks. I instantly hit it off with everyone at “pres” as they were very welcoming and a real bunch of laughs! I just couldn’t remember any of their names, haha typical Andre. After an abundance of excellent dance moves being shared with the world (I’d like to say haha kidding, but I’m really not 😉 ), we ended our night at 4:30 in the infamous Cheeky Chicken, grotty by day and heaven by night. The only thing cheeky about it really is the price, yet we keep going back because it’s open and tasty, it’s a not an option really.

Having missed the initial geography induction on the Wednesday (instead on a Greek beach), I felt it was imperative I make it to the geography breakfast at 10:30 the next morning to get to know the goings on. There was also a free breakfast, and being as I was yet to do a shop I had to be there! The first rule of university is “Never say no to free food”, so I pulled my self from a far from sober slumber and made my way to the Geography Resource Centre for some breakfast and course information. The breakfast was actually very useful and I even found myself making some new friends on my course so a win win I guess. As for the rest of freshers week it was spent mingling, drinking and learning, effectively the definition of university life.

By Andre

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