The Pre Read

Before starting university, more often than not many schools like to send you a list of pre reading and suggested books for you to acquire over the summer, prior to your arrival at uni. I didn’t ever receive this list, and I’m not going to lie, this didn’t bother me at all. Unlike many other students I already had my login details to the Sussex system, so just to cover my back I logged into Sussex direct and checked out the module resources just to make sure I wasn’t just being completely oblivious and missing a large collection of essentials necessary for the coming year.


When I clicked on the reading lists for the two that had them, all I discovered were a few more links to online resources.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-05-10-18Feeling as if I had put in enough effort to find any essential reading, I presumed the Global Studies department wanted us to enjoy our summer and worry about readings when the time is right. So I did exactly that, and had a great summer.

Greek Sunsets

Greek Sunsets

Then the start of uni came, I found out being the pioneers for sustainability that they are, the Global Studies department had recently invested in digital resources. This means that all the material we need for our course is now accessible online and via Study direct and the library resources, so no  excuse not to do a reading! (awesome, I know right)


Good old Study Direct

Which basically means that 1. I was right to trust my instinct, and 2. Instead of spending £250 on books like law students do (soz guys), I can spend it on my first love, FOOD<3.


My Beautiful Books. (Please ignore the cracks, I’m clumsier than I look)

So with no physical books to read, my mac and my iPad are all that I need.

The reading resources on Study Direct, are easier to find than you would expect.

(Okay I’m sorry 😂, the poem stops there, got a bit carried away)


All the readings!

However the poem doesn’t actually lie, the reading resources for each module are posted on Study Direct under the specified weeks so you know exactly what you need to prepare.

And that’s exactly what I am, prepared (he claims), so thank you Global Studies!


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