Pondering Postgraduate Pursuit

Having already spent 3 years in university and with 1 more to go, the idea of postgraduate study has always filtered down to one particular question I ask myself “Do I want to spend 5 years studying in university?”. Now I can’t tell a lie the first and second and 3rd 4th 5th and maybe up to 100 times I asked myself this question it was followed up with “ hmmm.. HA NOPE,”. However as the end of my degree gets ever closer, I have recently begun to warm to the idea of undertaking a masters.

When I think about the career I want to undertake (working with sustainable energy), the long term gains of doing a masters become increasingly more appealing. Although I’ve peen pondering the idea of a masters I’m yet to research into the finer details of undertaking one. The furthest I’ve come to really looking into doing a masters is telling myself, if I get a 1st (which I plan on doing) I may just do a masters, but we will have to wait and see. If I do pursue a masters qualification I imagine it will be in the implementation of clean renewable energy into developing countries. So still within the Geography discipline but even more targeted.

My very first lecturer David Ockwell, is the academic who primarily influenced academic pursuit into the sector of renewable energy and sustainability. His research into climate change mitigation, energy transitions and sustainability are the foundation of what I wish to develop a deeper understanding of in my third year.

Thinking about what would help make the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study easily, would be drop-in sessions or workshops with masters students from your own and different disciplines, in order for students to explore further whether they want to carry on with studying, along with the difference of workload and how much they can tailor their post graduate study to what suits them.  Because the more we know the easier it is for us to make a decision.

You can read more about the bridging the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate studies as part of our collaboration week with the Hive Scholars by checking-out their blog and keeping up to date with our social media channels.

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