My research process, in pictures

Hi there, Ollie here. Today I’ll be taking you through my research process, in picture form. As a final year undergraduate, I’m currently doing my dissertation (which is on cocaine addiction).

2 thoughts on “My research process, in pictures

  1. Thanks Ollie, really interesting. Do you begin by using Google or Google Scholar? Is there a reason that you begin with this, as opposed to Library Search? Thanks!

  2. I use both Google and Google Scholar as a broad search to see the most widely-cited ‘landmark’ articles. I use it over the Library Search because I can be sure Google/Google Scholar won’t miss any articles, as just about everything ever written is on there, which I don’t believe that’s the case for the Library (I might be wrong). Also, I find it easier to see and order by the number of citations (a pretty good measure of a paper’s popularity) on Google/Google Scholar than the Library Search.

    But as I say, that’s just as an overview. I mostly use PubMed, often copying and pasting citations from relevant articles’ reference section.

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