A Day in the life of a Third Year Student

As a final year student in my final term, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that life has a lot to throw at you as you approach the end of your degree. In this post I am going to give you an insight to what my typical day tends to look like.

Disclaimer – Time seems to move at an accelerated rate of x3 so thats also a lot of fun (not).

Before any work is even attempted to be completed I will usually kick off my day with a session in the gym. I like to do this as early as possible because it helps me to feel awake, energised and like I have already accomplished something before 9am. It also frees up your day so you don’t have to sacrifice any work once you’re in the flow. – Especially important considering time moves at an accelerated rate for us!

Although my timetable only consists of one scheduled class (which sounds amazing) the volume of work that is required for that and my dissertation, plus scheduling in work, means that the vast majority of my time is swallowed up with a ton of reading.

At the end of this class I will usually head to the Global Resource Centre in the Global Studies department to carry out my dissertation research.

I have come fully prepared, Laptop, Highlighters, Water (STAY HYDRATED), Notes and Snacks (In my bag)

As much as I love the library, there just is not enough space for me to work properly, It’s so hard to find a seat, let a lone a table of this size if you’re not in there from 9AM (also you cant eat in the library, and food helps me focus – not scientifically proven)

When I reach the point where i can no longer focus (which we all reach)

I like to go for a walk, get some fresh air and get my body moving. Ready to start the whole process again!

You’ll be surprised how well this works, especially if you’re having a mind blank or your productivity has plateaued

“Productive Procrastination”

Oh yes did I mention as a third year we feel pressed for time?

Although I cannot focus I also cannot afford to not be focused, so in my procrastination time i often find myself looking for jobs after graduation too (How thrilling!)

When the snacks have finished, and that point of hunger has come back around is when I decide it’s time to head back home. But the studying does not stop there!

Food is Fuel

After a good healthy meal its back to working on that dissertation

At this point in my dissertation I am currently building my questionnaire using Qualitrics and my SAGE little quick fix guide (as you may have spotted on the table of my third picture)

And once I’m completely burnt out and my mind has turned to mush (this tends to occur around 11pm) I will sit down with my housemates and watch a movie to relax.

After bed, the process begins again! (lets hope it pays off)