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The time is right to end fossil fuel subsidies

When the price of the world’s most widely-traded commodity halves within a 6-month period, it has a tendency to draw attention from governments, industry and the media alike.  North Sea oil has recently been selling at around $45 per barrel,

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PhD project on Policy Mixes for Energy Demand and Innovation

The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) are taking on a new PhD student this year for September 2015 entry:  Policy Mixes for Energy Demand and Innovation  Potential supervisors are Florian Kern and Karoline Rogge.  The PhD is funded by Centre

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Sussex Energy Group’s December Newsletter

The Sussex Energy Group Newsletter December 2014   Foreword by Florian Kern and Gordon MacKerron  Welcome to the last SEG newsletter in 2014. After what was a very busy year, we wish everyone a good Christmas and all the best

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‘Counting the cost’ report discusses the economic and social impact of electricity blackouts in the UK; but the BBC’s reporting misses the key issue.  

In a continuation of previous form, the BBC’s article on the ‘Counting the Cost’ report by the Royal Academy of Engineering has leapt upon the assertion that the cost of blackouts could be in the billions. However, the report points

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Will improved energy efficiency lead to increased energy consumption in the developing world? Quite possibly

A new report from the US Breakthrough Institute (BTI) provides evidence that historical improvements in the energy efficiency of lighting, steel and electricity production have led to greater energy consumption that would have been the case in the absence of

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