3 Tips for Relaxed Assessments

  Despite my best intentions, my first-year assessments invariably reverted to last-minute rushes. It was only recently, with the help of these tips, that I realised they could be relaxed, engaging and almost (it still feels odd saying it) enjoyable. Schedule your study periods. It goes without saying that starting earlier will make everything more … Continue reading 3 Tips for Relaxed Assessments

Hello from a new SAGE scholar.

Hi, I'm Ollie. I'm a second-year psychology and business management student. I have just become a SAGE scholar, and I'm really excited to blog/vlog lots of useful posts about studying. I'm passionate about reading self-help and business books, and I've come across tons of insights that I'd love to share. I'll be covering the psychological side and … Continue reading Hello from a new SAGE scholar.

Focus Group: learning resources

Shortly after the Easter break we decided to find out what influenced students when buying and using resources. Our results showed similar patterns to previous surveys we had sent out, as well as highlighting new ideas and issues we hadn’t come across. We broke down the focus group into four sections; text buying, learning features, … Continue reading Focus Group: learning resources

Personalised Learning

Knowing your individual learning style is really important, as we all process information differently; your learning style is often consistent throughout your life, and once you know how you learn best you can adapt your revision techniques accordingly. For example, though I often forget to fully utilise my learning style in a way that most … Continue reading Personalised Learning