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Canada: the country that forced Eva to buy a book

In Canada I had many new experiences; maple syrup became a staple in my diet (turns out it’s great in curries), I felt what it’s like to walk around in -40’C, I witnessed politeness so extreme it made me uncomfortable,

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In a jungle of books

I had expected along with my acceptance letter an additional note, like in the Harry Potter books where it clearly states which book students had to purchase ahead of their year at Hogwarts. Like the disappointment of not receiving a

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The Pre Read

Before starting university, more often than not many schools like to send you a list of pre reading and suggested books for you to acquire over the summer, prior to your arrival at uni. I didn’t ever receive this list,

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To buy, or not to buy

“As if! Two-hundred pounds for a couple of text books?” was, as I recall, my initial reaction as I read the email from the School of Psychology. The email detailed a package deal on textbooks that was being offered to first

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Starting University: The Reading List

After buying half of Ikea, and ticking off that list to ensure there is nothing you have forgotten to buy, you finally feel prepared for university. That is until a friend or parent asks you about what books you need

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A new country, a new town and a new experience

From the backseat of my parent’s car I saw the sign: UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX. Squeezed in between boxes and suitcases I could not get the grip that this would become my new home. After a pair of rewritten personal statements,

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The Fresher Feeling

Having completed a foundation year in Social Sciences, freshers was nothing new to me. However the anticipation of meeting new flat mates for the first time never goes away, along with hopes that they’re both clean and not boring; it’s

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Day 1

With a resigned sigh I flopped down on my bed, staring at my sparsely populated pin-board, and wondering what I should do with myself. My mum had left a few minutes earlier and I was suddenly feeling very alone. It

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The Realities Of Freshers…

At the start of the week there is a buzzing atmosphere for going out and living up to all the expectations that you’ve created in your head. You’ve bought all of your freshers wristbands in advance for the “biggest student

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