Resources for my empirical project (Psychology dissertation)

In the last term of my last year I (fortunately) don't have any exams. I have two tests, two essays, a presentation, and my dissertation. Both my essays and my dissertation are due on the 12th of May, which means I really should stay on top of my schedule. The plan is to write the … Continue reading Resources for my empirical project (Psychology dissertation)

Review: Study Skills for Business and Management

Study Skills for Business and Management is a guide packed with tips and tools to help any business student get the most out of their degree. For first years it is a great introduction to university work and the different skills that are needed. The book also has a lot to offer second and final … Continue reading Review: Study Skills for Business and Management

Companion websites for textbooks

Something students always find useful are materials within a book they can use to test themselves. This is usually the case in science textbooks (maths, physics etc.), but not so often in my course. I remember having multiple choice questions and short answers questions in my book for Human Physiology in my first year and in Andy Field's Discovering … Continue reading Companion websites for textbooks

Summer Internship at Google

I've learnt that I've secured a summer internship at Google in May, so I've been excited about it for the whole month before I started working there. Unfortunately the month that followed was also the assessment period and I guess due to my excitement, revision wasn't as expected, and I finished with a 2:1. Nevertheless, 2:1 isn't bad, … Continue reading Summer Internship at Google

Printed vs. Digital

In this blog post I'll compare printed resources to digital ones from a reader's and student's point of view. If we start where everything starts (or ends) for a student: money. E-books are definitely cheaper than printed books. You also don't have to worry about P&P. They are all easily accessible, either through online stores (printed, … Continue reading Printed vs. Digital