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Why We Need to Shift Focus from Energy Supply to Reducing Demand

Mari Martiskainen asks whether it is time to have a real debate about moving our focus from energy supply to realising the benefits of energy efficiency. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported last week that the energy efficiency market was

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Tackling the existing building stock as a real energy policy priority

By Mari Martiskainen and Florian Kern, Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, SPRU Those familiar with the UK’s energy efficiency policy for buildings are aware that back in 2006 the then Labour government announced that all new domestic buildings would

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­Davey: Energy Efficiency Key Agenda in Upcoming Elections

by Mari Martiskainen “We need to see energy efficiency as part of the nation’s infrastructure programme”. This was the charge of Ed Davey,  Liberal MP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Davey was speaking at an Association for

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The Eco Technology Show 2014

Low carbon innovation, energy services, renewable heat, new economy, sustainable transport – these were only some of the topics covered by the two-day Eco Technology Show 2014, which took place in the Brighton Centre on 26-27 June, 2014. “This government is

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What it’s really like to do a PhD!

A photograph of Mari Martiskainen smiling

Embarking on a PhD is similar to that of having a baby. Everyone tells you that it’s going to change your life. There will be sleepless nights, moments of despair as well as those of joy, happiness and discovery. The

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