Making the most of your online meetings

By Karen Watson and Adam Harwood

Back in February, myself and Adam agreed to write a blog post about meetings, drawing together all the information, skills and ideas gained from creativity training and out in the world. Lindsay produced a great infographic that you can see here:

Credit: Lindsay Crook

We were going to put this together with some general thoughts we had about attending and chairing meetings. When we chatted about this earlier this year, we were really thinking about the format of meetings. Do we need to sit round a table? Can we go for a walk and talk? Is it OK to move about during a meeting? Move forward a few weeks and here we all are forced out of our meeting rooms into our homes. Having meetings from bedrooms, lounges, kitchen corners.

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‘♪ Getting to know you… ♪’

In a slight change to the usual format, Library pets have hijacked the
Q&A for Wellbeing week. For the final installment, it’s Gayemarie’s dog Alfie, Annette’s dog Bramley, and Nell’s cat Gwen.

If you’d like to submit your answers to the Q+A, fill out the template and
send it to, or get in touch with the Blog
admins – Lizzy, Kate & Sam…

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