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Media Upload is a new function developed by the Study Direct team. Using this feature, you can now upload any video or audio file that you have created from your computer, camera or phone.

The use of video and audio can be an effective addition to your Study Direct site. As well as providing a different study format, media can support learning by providing –

  •  an engaging form of online study
  •  diversity in your study materials


How to upload your own video

Use Media Upload to upload your file to your Study Direct site by following these simple steps –

  • Select Add resources within Study Direct
  • Under Video choose Upload Media File
  • Give your video or audio file a meaningful title
  • Select Choose a recording
  • Click on the red Upload button to locate your audio/video file
  • Browse for the file and select Upload

How your video file will look in Study Direct

The image above shows you what you can expect to see when your video clip or audio file is uploaded to your Study Direct site. When a student logs in to the site, they can play your media file simply by clicking on the play button.

Video: nuts and bolts

How long it will take to upload your video clip very much depends on two factors –

  • the size of your media file
  • the speed of your internet connection

There is a size limit for files, which is set at a maximum of 2GB. This space should, however, be plenty for most 60 minute recordings. It is estimated that most 60 minute videos will be made available to students in no more than 24 hours.

Video pedagogy

There are many resources available to guide you in using video as an additional teaching resource. Visit the Jisc Digital guide to video pedagogy for ideas on using video for teaching and learning.

You will also find links to using video and other learning technologies in the TEL’s public library collection in Diigo. If you need any help using the Media Upload function, please contact the TEL team, and we can put you in touch with your School’s Learning Technologist for help and advice.



Image with thanks to Mr. TinDC, creative commons licensed (BY-ND) flickr photo by Mr.TinDC:




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