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Multimedia Creative Commons

Whilst we all want to use engaging multimedia within our teaching it’s always good to be aware of copyright on such media. How can we find media to use that doesn’t put us afoul of potential copyright law I hear

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Free images to use in presentations and Canvas

Images can add so much to a presentation or a Canvas site, to illustrate a point, supplement your words or grab viewers’ attention. But where can you find good images that don’t breach copyright? Too many people just use a

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Canvas highlights 8: Embedded Reading Lists

[note: this post has been updated to reflect a terminology change on the Sussex Canvas VLE, to align it to Sussex terminology] As part of the ongoing work to integrate core University resources with Canvas, we’re really delighted that the

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What’s new in the A-Z of apps?

Have you seen the Technology Enhanced Learning A-Z of apps recently? We now have nearly 100 entries on our list! If you’ve not yet had a chance to look through our selection of teaching and learning tools, head over now to see

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Visualize learning: 7 sources for free images

It’s easy enough to find an image using a search engine. Simply type the word ‘orange’ into Google, for example, and 577,000,000 orange-related results are retrieved in just 0.47 seconds. Which of these results, however, will find you an image rather

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Flickr Attribution Helper: credit with a click

What is the Flickr Attribution Helper? The Flickr Attribution Helper is a free and easy to install ‘bookmarklet’ which facilitates easy attribution of images. When you are using the internet, a bookmarklet allows you to have more capability to interact without

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Using Creative Commons images in presentations

Presentations and lectures are improved by having interesting and engaging images in them – they make ideas and concepts more memorable and easier to understand. Provocative or humorous images can create a reaction and lift a presentation. The challenge is

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