Professional Development Opportunities for the Start-of-Term

We’re pleased to announce a new programme of professional development opportunities for the beginning of the new term, which are open to all academic and professional staff. These seven workshops, running at various times over the next three weeks, provide a mix of our tried-and-tested introductions to University systems, software and equipment, with new workshops to inspire your teaching and learning practices. They are open for booking by University of Sussex staff via:

All the workshops are delivered by our specialist team of Learning Technologists and are free to attend. We will be adding a range of additional sessions with a mix of new topics throughout the term.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Professional Development
Start-of-Term Opportunities 2017/18

Technology in Teaching spaces

In this practical, hands-on session, you will be introduced to – and have the chance to use – the technology available in seminar rooms and lecture theatres across campus. Come along and find out how to: control the projector; use the controls at the lectern; use the Interactive Whiteboard to annotate PowerPoint slides and pdf files; play CDs, DVDs or Blurays; use the document camera; and project content from your own laptop instead of the PC.

Getting to grips with Study Direct

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the basics of editing your Study Direct site. New teaching staff will find this session useful as it will support you in creating sections and adding resources to your site.

Turnitin Feedback Studio taster session

This workshop is designed for staff who are familiar with turnitin and the e-submission process. It will cover the new features of the feedback studio update to Turnitin, please see for more information.

Marking and assessing with Turnitin Feedback Studio

This workshop is open to all staff involved in the marking process. It will introduce you to the e-submission and e-feedback process and using the Turnitin software to mark work and check for originality.

Portfolio e-submission using Mahara

This workshop will provide an overview of how the e-Portfolio system Mahara works for staff and students. Using example portfolios, we will examine the range of content that can be included in a Mahara portfolio and will also outline the e-submission process for Mahara. Participants will also have the opportunity to try out Mahara in practice, building and sharing portfolios to gain familiarity with the range of material that can be included.

Peer instruction: Just in-time teaching

Want to make your lectures more interactive? Peer Instruction and Just-in-time teaching (JiTT) are evidence-based, interactive teaching methods which complement each other as a model for large group teaching. In this session, you will learn to plan and deliver a teaching session using these methods. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices.

Creating multimedia learning materials

This practical workshop will share a range of ideas and practical techniques for creating multimedia resources to enrich teaching practice and student learning. Working in small groups, participants will be supported to experiment with a range of devices and applications which might be used to create engaging presentations, learning materials and feedback to suit multimodal approaches to learning.

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