Inclusivity, Card Sorting and Mythbusting – Podcast Episode 11


How can technology help to make learning more inclusive? How can card sorting and mythbusting become powerful tools for the classroom and beyond?

In this episode, we interview Fiona Macneill and Tucker Macneill, who are both Learning Technologies Advisors at the University of Brighton. Our discussion focuses on how they have helped to make teaching more inclusive, re-imagine learning spaces and engage staff and students across a variety of contexts. We talk about accessibility features in iOS (the iPhone and iPad operating system), how card sorting can benefit both face-to-face and distance learning, and how mythbusting activities can be used to help people increase their digital awareness and skills.

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4 comments on “Inclusivity, Card Sorting and Mythbusting – Podcast Episode 11
  1. John Walker says:

    As a deaf person, this approach to sharing information is not very inclusive. Can a transcript be added as well as the podcast?

    • Anne Hole says:

      Thank you for your comment John. We are working on this and hope to have it sorted out soon. Do you know any methods/tools that you have seen work well for transcribing audio?

      • John Walker says:

        People have tried to transcribe audio into subtitles for many years, You Tube is one of them, with limited success. It depends so much on pronunciation, accents, the quality of voice recognition, speed of speech. Still today, subtitles/transcripts nearly always has a human being involved.

  2. Fiona MacNeill says:

    Hi Anne, this blog post that I wrote may help (specifically section about Dragon for desktop, audio files can be imported):


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