Focus on Panopto: Quizzes and Discussions

Panopto brings some superb features for improving engagement with your students, two of those features are Quizzes and Discussions which will be the focus of this blog post.


Panopto allows you to create quizzes which can be set to appear to viewers at predetermined points in the recording. There are four types of questions you can add to quizzes:

  • True / False –  questions with answers that are either true or false.
  • Multiple Choice –  several answers present, but only one answer can be chosen as correct.
  • Multiple Select – several answers present with multiple correct answers. 
  • Fill In The Blank – questions that require users to fill in answers to the question. The prompt will ask for the correct answer to be provided.

Quizzes allow you to gauge students’ understanding and comprehension of the materials they are viewing. Panopto allows you to view the results of quizzes, including which questions students got right or wrong and what percentage of students chose a particular answer, in this way quizzes can serve as a method of informal formative assessment.

Students can also review quizzes after they have taken them to see which questions they got right or wrong. This can allow students to gauge their own understanding of a topic and identify knowledge gaps. If you use the option to to add feedback comments on the answers students can be informed as to why their answer was right or wrong. 

Quizzes can also increase student engagement with recordings. Breaking up long lectures with activities increases the chances that students will remain engaged and pay attention to the entirety of the recording. 

For further guidance on quizzes please see the Panopto Quiz guidance page.


Discussions are a feature within Panopto that allows students to engage with and discuss their opinions and thoughts on a Panopto recording which anyone else with access to the recording can view and respond to. Comments are time stamped so they are linked to a particular point in the recording.

Screenshot of a Discussion on a Panopto recording.

This can be helpful if students wish to ask others for help or to know what others thought regarding part of a recording. Teachers can also engage in this discussion by replying to comments. It’s possible for teachers to moderate discussions as well, with the option to delete any comments if necessary. 

For further guidance on using discussions please see Panopto’s How to Use Discussions in Videos.

If you have any queries about Quizzes or Discussions in Panopto recordings or would like to discuss how you might use Panopto to enhance your students’ learning please contact

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