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The University of Sussex Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice Launch Event

by Helen Morley, Learning Technologist, University of Sussex Few things have dominated the conversations in Higher Education like the emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence has, and the past eighteen months have been ringing with the topic. From the whats, to the

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Fakery, Fallacy and Faults, but the AI is no Fraud

How should we speak about the processes of Large Language Models and other AI? Language, as humans and other animals use it, is a voluntary and intentional tool which is used to aid interaction. Can we say the same for AI generated text?

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It’s Been a Year!

29th September 2023 will mark one whole year since I joined the University of Sussex as a Learning Technologist. I joined the fantastic Educational Enhancement team and was informed on day one that I would be supporting Media, Arts and

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Digital literacy and capability in school-leavers

The Educational Enhancement team has published two blog posts recently which address digital literacy. Dan Axson wrote about the expectations on university faculty and Ty Knight wrote about the experience of our undergraduates. I will attempt to complete the trilogy

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Considering the user experience of VLEs: reviewing our Canvas templates.

I first learnt about Virtual Learning Environments almost twenty years ago. As a high school teacher I attended a training session on a ‘platform’ designed to record students’ homework tasks which would one day remove the need for planners (the

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Can you trust the cheaters?

There’s an episode of The Sopranos, quite early on, where Christopher Moltisanti has someone impersonate him and take the stockbrokers’ licensing exam on his behalf so he can run a dodgy investment operation. By this point in the series, we’ve

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