TEL:US Podcast with Dr Maren Deepwell, Mary Krell and Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith

Dan Axson and Kitty Horne caught up with Dr Maren Deepwell, CEO of ALT, Mary Agnes Krell, Senior Lecturer in Media and Film Studies and Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education. We talk about all things technology, learning technology, favorite shortcuts and apps we couldn’t live without. We also discuss their formative technology experiences, how technology and equality are an embedded aspect of the PGCertHE and how the learning technology landscape has changed over the last 12 years.

A note on audio (again…). I couldn’t mic everyone, so I thought I had enough coverage with the two table top mics and a Blue Snowball, however I forgot to press record on the iPad (for the Snowball) so apologies to Kitty, who has a very quiet audio as a result.

How it was made.

  1. Two standard table top mics into Zoom H4n
  2. Blue Snowball into iPad
  3. Forgot to press go on iPad for the Snowball (Sorry Kitty)
  4. Salvage audio in Adobe Audition
  5. Record Intro and Outro with Table top mics into Zoom H4n
  6. Build show in GarageBand
  7. Export to
  8. Run through for Transcript
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