TEL:US Podcast with Professor Pam Parker – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

In what now seems a distant memory, our last on campus seminar was the first of the DARE to Transform seminars. Sessions to support colleagues who are on the Scholarship track at the University.

In this session Professor Pam Parker joined from City, University of London to give an introduction to scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

In this podcast Dan sat down with with Pam after her seminar along with our very own David Walker (Head of TEL) to speak more on the topic of SoTL.

For staff at the university, don’t forget to find out more info on the DARE to Transform Canvas site, and book on to our next seminar, Pedagogy Action Research on the 30th June.

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One comment on “TEL:US Podcast with Professor Pam Parker – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  1. Ayoub says:

    Great podcast! Thank you.Talking about learning portfolio I would like to highlight its role in double-loop learning;Every time you review your previous work you may add something to it and take your learning further to higher level in an evolutionary way. What is of paramount importance is the way you archive your work and ease of accessing them whenever you want effortlessly. Most of the time people ignore this which make it impossible to find your previous summary, when you are assigned to work on a project you should be able to spot all related works you have already done. This will help you build on on previous work and push your learning level further.

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