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Digital Superpowers: A Tale of Tech Guardians and Code Suppressors

by Rachael Thomas, Learning Technologist, University of Sussex In the heart of Sussex something extraordinary is happening. A few times each term a unique assembly occurs. Learning technologists and digital team members from various educational establishments across the region gather

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Virtual Learning Environments – a parent’s perspective

My first year at Sussex as a Learning Technologist has been a transformative journey, enriched by the parallel experience of supporting my daughter through her inaugural year at a different university. This dual perspective has underscored the critical importance of

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The quest for alternative assessment

Formal exams and essays have formed the backbone of academic assessment for centuries, but they are far from perfect, and they don’t suit everyone – tutors and learners alike. Alternative assessment methods have been growing in popularity. Could it be the

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Tips to avoid death by Announcement

Do you use Canvas Announcements to let your students know about events your school is running? Are students not responding to important announcements, only for you to find that they have disabled that notification channel? A Student Communications Survey by

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Use of recording software to facilitate authentic assessment

What is Authentic Assessment? An authentic assessment is one in which students are presented with real-world tasks to demonstrate how to apply knowledge and skills. As well as testing their knowledge of subjects they learn in class, an authentic assessment

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Tips to create engaging video recordings

The use of video to support teaching has increased significantly over the last ten years, with the number of teachers finding value in video content increasing each year since 2007. This is, in part, due to the forced video delivery

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