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Using Echo360 personal capture using Echo360 personal capture

OK, so that all sounds a bit circular, but this blog post is about one of the ways in which we are creating guidance for those thinking about using Echo360 personal capture (PCAP).

One of the outputs that we hope will have a really positive impact is the short screencasts that we are asking project participants to record. These will outline how they used PCAP, the benefits of using the tool and any issues they encountered. These will be produced alongside the more usual written case studies that will give insights into how Echo360 personal capture can be embedded effectively in teaching and learning.

We will be asking most of the project participants to record a screencast that outlines their experiences of using personal capture. The first to take up our offer is Mick Frogely, Senior Lecturer in Phsyical Geography – go to the Sussex elearning website watch his screencast.

I think that producing a PCAP screencast about the use of the tool is powerful for a number of reasons:

  • It provides an immediate example to potential users of an Echo360 personal capture screencast
  • It may have more of a impact on academic staff, given that it has been recorded by one of their peers
  • It can be more personal than a written case study
  • It gives an alternative format to the written case study – suiting visual learners

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