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Moodle Moot UK 2011 presentation

Our abstract to present at the UK Moodle Moot 2011 has been accepted. Hurrah!  We will be presenting at Senate House, University of London, on Wednesday at 11:45. Hopefully I’ll have a suntan as I will have just returned from Tenerife.

We have made a post on the Moot blog, which has just been published. We’d love your comments.

This is our 200 word abstract:

This presentation is based on five years of Moodle development.  Sussex University runs a large Moodle installation with approximately 9,000 users logging in per week. In order to improve the experience of our users we have made a number of developments and customisations that will interest other institutions that wish to improve the user experience of their teachers and learners.  For example

  • We have a tight integration with our institutional data so staff and student information, profile pictures, course modules, memberships and teaching groups are represented in our Moodle install. This enables our learning environment to be aligned to Sussex systems and curricula and reduces duplication of effort and teachers workload
  • We have improved the interface to Moodle so that users can navigate the course sites more easily and are not overwhelmed with information
  • We have improved tools for site development so tutors have a quick settings bar, an improved interface for choosing resources and activities and the option to provide an identifying image for a Moodle course

We’d like this presentation to contribute to a dialogue with Moodle managers and developers in order to improve the services that we can offer in all our educational institutions.

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