Learning Matters provides a space for multiple and diverse forms of writing about teaching and learning at Sussex. We welcome contributions from staff as well as external collaborators. All submissions are assigned to a reviewer who will get in touch to discuss next steps. 

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Case Study 

Case studies for Learning Matters offer a brief overview of an aspect of teaching and learning that has had a positive impact on students. These case studies also provide helpful tips for faculty wishing to do something similar in their own classes. If you are interested in submitting a case study to Learning Matters, please complete this case study questionnaire and email your responses to Alternatively, you can schedule a quick interview with someone from EE who will write up your case study. 


Blogs for Learning Matters are typically grounded in educational research. Authors may draw on literature and evidence-based practices to support their ideas and recommendations. While content is research-informed, blogs for Learning Matters aim to present information in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. For further information, see Blog scope and style guidance


Writers interested in contributing longer pieces to Learning Matters can opt to submit an article. For a list of suggested genres, see our Article scope and style guidance.  Please note that these genres are not prescriptive: you are welcome to approach your article creatively in ways that meet your scholarship goals.