Episode 1

The Learning Matters Podcast captures insights into, experiences of, and conversations around education at the University of Sussex. The podcast runs monthly, and each month is centred around a particular theme. The theme of our first episode is ‘scholarship leave’, and we will hear from Sue Robbins (Senior Lecturer in English Language) and René Moolenaar (Senior Lecturer in Strategy) as they discuss the experiences and outputs of their recent scholarship leave. 

Sue Robbins  

Sue Robbins is Senior Lecturer in English Language and Director of Continuing Professional Development in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities.  

René Moolenaar 

René Moolenaar is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at the University of Sussex Business School and Associate Professor at the University of Queensland. 


Listen to the recording of Episode 1.


Sue Robbins 

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René Moolenaar 

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